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Be Aware






When we were kids, one of my favorite things to play on in the park was the sea/saw. Up and down, up and down. Often we would hit the ground hard to knock the other person off, or at least give them a good jolt.



As I was preparing for this message on the Protection from God, several incidents in my past came to mind. We were on vacation; my dad was tired from driving so we pulled into a rest stop to grab a nap. As we slept a man reached in our car to grab our car keys. My dad woke up; we were all in extreme fear: why didn’t we become just another statistic that day?



Imagination is starting with nothing, then grabs various unconnected facts to create something new. Meditation is confirmation. Imagination is a form of creation

Fearless Faith


To understand the truth of the word of God, we need faith: true, unstoppable formidable faith.



Each scripture has a face revelation, a truism. But as we peel away each layer, in each set time, more truth will be revealed. God only allows us to find the treasure in His time: the time he appointed for it to be found.

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