Destiny – Part 3 of 4


One day on the way to church I heard a pastor quoting scripture so fast and correctly I knew he was not reading it, and then our Pastor began quoting scripture from memory! I went to God and said: what do I have to do to be able to remember scripture like that? You see I know them, but have trouble remembering the exact location by chapter and verse. His answer please and excited me! I gave them the gift to remember scripture. I gave you the gift to meld the Old Testament and New Testament to produce current day understanding! Now, He said: you can take years and work to develop something that is not your gift, or you can flow just like I made you!

Remember When Jesus quoted scripture from the Old Testament; he did not quote chapter and verse, He quoted what He had already written. Versification That is Scripture and verse was added centuries later. Jesus does not care if we know chapter and verse:


Remember such as in my case, my gifts were only developed after a series of world experiences that put me where I am at this time. Discover where you are most comfortable and develop your ministry with these roots. Minister from where you are. Where you are today! He will supernaturally move you to where you should be. He will grow you. Sometimes you need to be trained in the natural to actually understand the supernatural.

Once you are moving, God places you exactly where you are supposed to be, it just happens: it is not coincidence; it is the will of God. If every act of your life was predestined: we would not have free will, but God has always given us that, so that we are not robots, clones of Him. In this free will we can say yes, no and maybe. In this we can choose to complete our destiny or just give up.

The great thing is that even though God never changes, we are free to change and grow as the Spirit leads. No limits, no boundaries. The Bible says that there will always be the poor, and there will always be the multitudes. And there will always be the children of God. Because of this, we have the choice of being part of any group. If you choose to be in the multitudes, you will probably have the same position in heaven. Saved but one of a crowd. Remember earth is a training school.

As you boldly enter into your assignment: Listening to the Holy Spirit: HE may catapult you into a leadership position. In this leadership position, you will be learning how to reign and rule with Jesus. Imagine when you graduate to heaven and you are reigning in presence of Jesus, how powerful. Just close your eyes and imagine it. The Enemy would see you and run. You would not have to pull out the Sword of the Spirit: HE WOULD BE STANDING RIGHT THERE NEXT TO YOU.

While you are on assignment here on earth it is just as powerful: He is not only next to you: He is inside of you: (Christ in me, the Hope of Glory) Just His presence opens doors, brings total protection and sends the enemy running!!! The Bible does not tell us exactly how we will reign and rule, but we know that during this earth school, there are lessons that the Holy Spirit is teaching us. Could it be that after our time in New Jerusalem we will be reigning and ruling other planets, other universes in Jesus name? The Bible tells us that (His ways are higher than our ways)….who knows the things that he has for us, other than the Father Himself. Now considering this why would anyone want to be one of the multitudes? Wouldn’t you rather be ministering alongside Paul, or Moses or Elijah? Amen.

During your assignment remember your First Love. Stay empowered, stay excited! Remember the first time you fell in love? You could not wait to see him/her. You looked at the phone expecting it to ring, you would sweat and worry. Each second seemed like and eternity. You would think: they won’t call, you can hardly stand it then: THE PHONE RINGS. And once again life is perfect.

That is the same passion you must develop for Jesus…..Panting like a deer pants for water, in the Negev dessert, there was no water, it was barren. A deer was desperate for water: it was life: we must be desperate for Him. Sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting for a Word, a confirmation…..our hearts beat with excitement of hearing from our first Love.
This is the way we seek the Holy Spirit. We wait with great expectation to hear just His voice. You desire to hear a word, a syllable or just one letter: the passion, the desire……..fuel it grow it never allow it to die out and allow you to fall back to being one of the multitudes.
mul•ti•tude  a great number; the common people; the masses
You are not common: you are the child of the KING. His word is true, when we are on our journey it is his journey for us and we cannot fail. On our way we may trip, or we may get off the right path, he will nudge us back where we are supposed to be.

Don’t fear failure, learn from it! See where you missed it, regroup, and just begin again. There are even Pastors failed once or twice or more: They finally succeed because they listen correctly to the Holy Spirit and their Passion, and they refused to let the enemy stop them this time: THEY REFUSED TO LOOK AT THEIR PAST. They crucified their flesh and just totally trusted the Holy Spirit.

The Bigger your destiny, the more difficult it is to launch. The enemy fights those who are expanding the Kingdom. You need more passion, more desire and the more reliance on the Holy Spirit and HE WILL manifest the toughest, largest and most effective MINISTRY THAT THE WORLD HAS YET TO SEE.

God called me into ministry in my 50’s. I want you to know that He protected me for all those wandering years because He knew I would become his Minister in His chosen time. Yes, I should have been killed multiple times, dangerous situations, dangerous people: but he protected me because He knew ME and He knew I would be here today. You see my life experiences were all preparation for what I am doing today. It allows me to minister to that certain type of person. When I minister to someone that has gone thru some interesting phases in their lives. Although they have openly prided themselves as being survivors (LIKE I DID), secretly they knew only God could have saved them. And in this revelation, they are ready and willing to serve Him. When they realize and speak out Loud that He is their Savior!!

Some people raised in church, and having a loving protective family, need to be mentored and discipled in a different way than the one who has struggled against the world for decades.

This is where out guide, the Holy Spirit shows exactly what each child of God needs. This is discernment and revelation…..this is what leads us and encourages us.The world can lull us into a sense of security then just beat you up until you have no confidence in yourself or your ability to do anything and then worse of all, you begin doubting your faith. Does God expect everyone to be saved at 12 and never have a pimple or say a bad word? If that were true: Why would we need a savior?

Some people may not hear from me because of the way I look, my past or whatever. Those people need a different minister. THEY MAY NEED YOU. That is why God made us all different and all to travel a different path: Yet all arriving at the same destination. You see, it is God’s desire that all of His children succeed. Our assignment it to give Him all the Glory, so why would He want us to fail? It is our own fear that causes us to doubt in the Word and to doubt our ability to do the assignment.

Remember: fear never launched a ministry, fear never wrote a book, fear never saved anyone and fear never brought you THE blessing. Remember who he ordains, he equips. When you accept Jesus and receive His Holy Spirit: You are equipped! Age does not matter, education does not matter only the Holy Spirit, who equips you matters. Don’t worry about problems: you don’t need to look for them, they will find you!! But you will have the full armor of God on and No, no weapon formed against you will prosper, you have already won. When we see the fight coming we say oh no….not this God, please God: HELP. That is not faith……….faith says: give ME THE FIGHT because I know WE WIN.

We pursue, overtake and recover all!

When the enemy attacks: if you run away……..I guarantee you will have the same fight once again it may be in a different body, place or thing, but until you overcome, and you overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony.

You will repeat the same battle over and over. Until you STAND on the word and win and testify! God has promised VICTORY. Let’s look at a jigsaw puzzle: Just like the pieces in the puzzle, we all have different shapes and sizes. Some are worn a little, some have some bumps and lumps and some even have tears and spots missing.

Regardless of this: all the pieces fit together to make a beautiful picture. That is what the Body of Christ is: a puzzle with each piece being important. It will not be complete if even one piece is missing. The entire picture will be ruined even if the smallest, most unimportant piece is lost. YOR ARE AN IMPORTANT PIECE. This ALSO verifies the importance of Mantles, why when we lose someone: they leave a mantle that is to be picked up by someone else to fill their spot!! You see it is the same with the body. Each of us is important, none more than another. You never know who you are talking with. You may minister to the lady at the Laundromat and she in turn ministers to her son who becomes the next Billy Graham! DON’T JUDGE: JUST DO. Only man values the important of an assignment, just remember the puzzle: you may be the first in or the last in, you may be the corner piece, edge piece or center piece. But They are all part of the entire picture: the mosaic that Jesus formed when He formed the Body of Christ: His Body, made up of each of us, filling their assigned position.

When we get saved, God did not change our personalities, we are still the same person, but with a renewed mind. We are all still individual with our own gifts and talents. How awful if we were all the same. Before I knew God, I knew about God. I knew He was there, but I just did not know where to look. I had a different type of parent. God selected my parents, he selected your parents. If I had had a choice: I may have picked someone else: someone not as strict.

But God made me with just enough rebellion in me that I needed strict parents to point me in the right way. The body needs someone like me, someone like you…………we are all part of the picture, part of the puzzle, part of the body. Before I knew God, I looked, and searched like everyone else. I looked at tarot cards, avatar, astrology etc.

HE WAS NOT THERE. I just kept looking: somehow I knew he was there but where? My parents drifted away from God so any training and understanding about the Word just slipped out of my life as a youngster. Then I raised my children the same way, much to my regret. Remember: (my people are destroyed by lack of knowledge.) But God had a plan on how to fix me and my children. I have given many testimonies how God has worked not only in my life, but in the lives of my children who are both trying to find there way back to Jesus. Here is the latest: My oldest son who is a contractor that lives in Alabama. He had an opportunity to do a job in Indiana. The owners of the house drove him there and were going to allow him to stay in a motel for the three days he would be there. Unexpectedly (thank you Jesus), there was transportation issues, so my son just decided to stay in the house he was building. The electricity had not been installed yet, so he only had a bed and a little furniture. With not TV, he looked for something to read. As he searched the house, there was only one item there to read: The Bible. God can find unique ways to get us into his WORD. Oh yes, they were in a valley, and his cell phone did not work. He was alone with the WORD. He read the WORD! Only God could have arranged that: TRUST HIM to put you in that perfect place. Not man (I could never have thought of that) God knows everything: BELIEVE HIM. When I finally found God, it was a relief: NO ONE HAD TO TELL ME THAT I was home and with my father. We are to be different from the world, not a mediocre copy. We are not to copy the ways of the world with music, dress, lifestyles and idols. We live in this world, but we are not of this world: while we are living in and on this earth, but we are to bring heaven to earth, and to live like it! We are to set the standards, not follow the world’s standard. In our difference we draw the lost and separate the wheat from the tares. Be the best Christian you can be, draw the world in by your difference.