We have seen that everything is connected. We are connected to one another we are connected to God we are connected everything that HE has made, because EVERYTHING WAS MADE BY HIM.

The MYSTERIES of connection are hidden, hidden for us, not from us. The more we understand this connection and the more we understand each other, the more grateful we become. We realize God had given us this opportunity to live on this earth for this limited time, until we go back to the eternal realm. He chose US: you and I, for such a time as this. We are not here by happenstance. We are here to learn to be faced with the choice between choosing good and evil which is choosing between God and Satan.

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

We must choose or the choice will be made for us! In order for anyone to make a proper choice that will last eternally, you need all the information possible. This choice is between living eternally in the loving arms of Jesus, or burning eternally in hell with no way out. Is anyone foolish enough to gamble on those odds? Of course it’s easy to say just follow Jesus and for some that makes a lot of sense.

But for someone that doesn’t know HIM or has no background in the Bible they need information, and this information opens the door for the HOLY SPIRIT to lead them to the truth, WHICH IS JESUS.

By providing information and laying the groundwork we are helping people return to their first love, which is JESUS. There are very few people have the total grasp on ETERNITY and infinity, we actually have to take it by faith since we don’t have the mental understanding to remember eternity feels like, since we have lived in a finite world for so long and rely on finite senses so often to the exclusion of our supernatural, spiritual side. We need to be reminded that we are eternal, spiritual beings having a natural experience. This life on earth is a tiny part of your eternal being.
God knew you before he formed you in the belly he knows you now and when eternity comes you will see him face to face.

That my friend is God’s plan from the beginning: placing people on earth so they are in a position to choose, He could have created us all as angels or robots to do His bidding, and responding to a directive but that is not what he desires for his children.

He wants us to love him freely just like he loves us freely with no limits and no boundaries.

I like to find a common word or a scientific principle and research it in the Bible. In this way I can take current situations and connected with the truth of the word and those that are questioning the validity of the Bible can in fact see that it is not only for the past but for the present and for the future.

You’re all familiar with the word hologram. It once was just a thought in a scientific theory. Now It is not unusual to see holograms in many places. They are on our driver’s licenses, credit cards, etc. The name Hologram was coined in 1949, but we will see that it MIMICS the way God designed the Bible. This way to view the BIBLE that totally protects it and it existed since the beginning of time. The principals of a hologram are a scientific Law. It was always there, but only recently discovered by man.

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