Stand Out Women

Fashion Extravaganza 2012-0394Stand Out Women’s Ministry is a ministry that is dedicated to the empowerment of today’s women. Each member is actively involved in the lives of women in need. We do a fashion show for women who have never done anything glamorous. The ladies are treated to a day of beauty and are then dressed in evening wear and business attire. They are truly “Queens for a Day.” Each one is photographed as they are models for the audience. The Stand Out Women team all participate in these events which glorify God and his daughters.


WORKING POOR – assisting the ‘WORKING POOR’ who are struggling in these difficult times. They are those who work, but do not make enough money for medical, dental or normal everyday expenses. They not taking welfare, but working for minimum wage which does not meet their basic needs.

PRAYER – is number one in this ministry. As we come together in developing plans for the ministry we need to demonstrate the power of prayer. When we put Him first, we win!

MANNERS AND ETIQUETTE – We will implement a program designed to teach young women on proper manners, dress, language and etiquette. Often times our young people are inspired by TV, movie, etc. and so manners, etiquette and social behavior are based on what’s being seen through the media not thru the Word of God.


The ministry is designed to meet the needs of women from all walks of life, married, single, single moms, etc. You do not have to live in Chicago; we can network with you in any area. This will be a life changing ministry not only for those seeking assistance but also for those in servant-leadership positions.
This ministry will motivate, empower and equip women to know who they are in Christ Jesus.This ministry will ultimately contribute to you being able to recognize the gift that God has placed in you to be servant/leader of God.


Day of Beauty for tomorrows leaders who are redesigning their lives as they work their way out of a temporary woman’s shelter.  Take not of these beautiful women:  they have received their new assignments and are on the way to great success.


At public parks we offer free ice cream to anyone who will. We offer up a portion of ice cream, toppings and lots of love. We just show the love of God. People are amazed, they expect a sermon or required offering, but we just love them. Of course if anyone asks, we will pray for them, but the purpose of these types of events is to show the love of God. This outreach is the love arm of Diane Dominguez Ministries. Consider joining us if you enjoy serving God’s people.