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I am not here just to teach you scriptures, many of you are well versed in the Bible. I am here to encourage you to go deeper; I am here to show you there are many layers to scriptures. I want to show you that prophesy and revelations are not only for the Prophets of Old, but for today as well. Take everything you hear, including what you hear in this message and: CONFIRM IT IN THE WORD! When you confirm things in the Word, God will pour in more and more revelation to you, often unexpectedly.

Understanding prophesy is a lifetime experience, and in this teaching we will only touch on a few highlights, but the intent is to get you excited about 1. Living in the spirit, 2. Discerning the Word of God a 3. Speaking it out to edify not only yourself, but to edifying others by pointing them toward the Kingdom of God and Jesus.

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