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It’s Your Turn


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Prophesy is one of the nine gifts of the spirit. The Bible tells us to Covet prophesy and all can prophesy in part. We know from these gifts, some will suit you better than others. For those of you who are growing in this gift: this message is for you. For those of you who excel in different gifts, this message is also for you as it allows you to recognize a true prophet from God.
Remember: it does not matter the status of the person who is revealing the prophetic word, what they wear or how they look. You know them by their fruit. If they say anything against the word, or that you cannot confirm in the Bible, excuse yourself and ask God why you allowed someone who is not of God to speak into your life. Correct yourself: let God deal with them.
NEVER give control of your life over to anyone, no matter what they call themselves!!

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