The Seer


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Father we thank you that the gift of prophesy will change the atmosphere around us, it will deny the devil access, and it will bring the power of healing into our lives, and will provide the miracles that are necessary, plus will bring the voice of YOUR power and the gift of SEEING that will sustain us and become the fresh manna every day. My intent is that this message will answer all of your questions about the SEER. Prophets were once called seers, and we are going to be using the term SEER, as it is much more descriptive to this message…….

Now when A SEER looks they don’t look hoping that they might see, they look until they see because they know that they know that they know that the truth is there waiting to be found. Remember the whole world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. As we become that manifestation we must use all the tools that God has given us. And the tool we are going to focus upon in this message is the SEER!

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