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Things To Come – MP3


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NBC’s Brian Williams reported that astronomers have discovered new a habitable-zone planet about 600 light-years away from Earth. When do you think it was created? It was discovered in 2011, but it was always there, we just could not see it. Why? 1. We did not know where to look. 2. We did not have the right tools to look. 3. We did not even know that it existed. This planet was always there, just like all the promises of God. 1. Sometimes we don’t know where to look for the promise. 2. Sometimes we don’t have the right tools to look for the promise 3. Sometimes we don’t believe that the promises exist. Let’s also look at the planet Pluto: discovered in 1930 with great excitement: a new planet, the scientific community was so excited. That was what the facts were: a new planet, that is how it appeared to be. But the truth once revealed is that it is just a tiny Dwarf, NOT EVEN A PLANET Not a terminal disease Not a broken heart Not an overdrawn checking account Just a tiny imposter of the truth The mountain that we see before us: it may be a fact, but in reality the truth is it is only a dwarf……and can be spoken to and cast into the sea! We are going to be learning more about Things To Come. Recorded live in Chicago: Approximately 1 hour

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